Clean Out Your Trailer After a Haul

Arrange for a trailer washout in Lufkin, TX

If you're transporting produce to a restaurant, a grocery store or a farmers' market, you'll need to clean out the trailer after a delivery. Bring it to Clean Shot Truck Wash for trailer washing services. We'll disinfect every inch of your trailer so you can rest assured that it'll pass inspection.

Drop by our truck wash in Lufkin, TX today to get a trailer washout done.

Make sanitation a top priority

Make sanitation a top priority

Whether you transport food, medications or other refrigerated items, sanitation is a huge concern. Make sure your trailer is properly cleaned by bringing it to Clean Shot.

We recommend getting a trailer washout done after every delivery to:

  • Prevent cross-contamination
  • Minimize the risk of spreading food-borne illnesses
  • Inhibit mold growth
  • Deter pests
  • Comply with regulations
Contact us today to schedule trailer washing services at our location in Lufkin, TX.